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This iPhone app started life as a little project I did just because I wanted to listen to the LightFM internet radio station but didn’t want to have to use my laptop. I decided to make an iPhone app that would stream the radio station live. The first iteration of the app was basically 1 page that had a html5 audio tag with the stream url. This was good enough to allow me to listen to the station.

After publishing to the app store it became obvious that it needed to be revamped and improved. The app now uses the native audio player and also queries LastFM to get album art. You can share songs via various social networks, listen to one of 9 channels, read more information about each channel, request a song from the station plus more.

App Details

LightFM 3.1

Rated 4.5 out of 5 by 11 users.
App Store

Latest Release Notes:

Updated stream urls.
Bug fixes


Listen to the LightFM internet radio station on your iphone.
Light FM is a UK based internet radio station bringing "Inspiration for the Soul."

You are able to send emails and sms to the radio station right from the app.

*Please note, this app requires internet connection and may use your internet allowance*

**Latest Features**
- Complete redesign including new logo.
- Access to all LightFM streams.
- Request songs from within app

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