“Warning: Attempt to present on while a presentation is in progress!”

“Warning: Attempt to present <CDVInAppBrowserViewController: 0x1ed97060> on <MainViewController: 0x1ed64730> while a presentation is in progress!”
I was getting this issue when i opened an InAppBrowser on an iOS device. When this happened the InAppBrowser would not actually load.

The solution to this is to wrap the window.open call in a setTimeout

setTimeout( function() { 
     var ref = window.open("http://www.google.co.uk","_blank","location=no");
}, 500);

This is only required for iOS as for some reason it needs some extra time before starting the InAppBrowser.
One other thing to note is that any event listeners you have on ref will need to go in the timeout or you will be trying to bind and event listener to nothing.

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