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Using Current location in Apple Maps

I was updating one of my iOS apps that used to open up the Maps Application to show directions from the current location to a set of coordinates. Before Apple Maps was introduced we could use “Current Location” as a way for Maps to use the users current location (,-0.247557) this no longer works in […]

Add a custom font to iOS app

I recently needed to add a custom font to my iOS app as the standard ones didn’t work for what I wanted. I downloaded a .ttf file, (I used and copied it into my Xcode project. The next step is to open your project’s Info.plist and add a new key “Fonts provided by application” […]

UILabel blurry on some views

I recently noticed that in one of my apps I’m working on, some of the UILabels I was using were blurry. This was only obvious on non-retina devices. After a bit of research I found that it was down to using floating numbers to define the frame of the label. Basically, floating numbers use decimals […]

iOS – Check if wifi is being used

In an app I was making recently I wanted to check if the user was using a wifi connection. I used the method below to check and just checked whether it returned true or false. – (BOOL)networkCheck{ Reachability *currentReachability = [[Reachability reachabilityForInternetConnection] retain]; NetworkStatus networkStatus = [currentReachability currentReachabilityStatus]; [currentReachability release]; switch (networkStatus) { case NotReachable: […]