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“Warning: Attempt to present on while a presentation is in progress!”

“Warning: Attempt to present <CDVInAppBrowserViewController: 0x1ed97060> on <MainViewController: 0x1ed64730> while a presentation is in progress!” I was getting this issue when i opened an InAppBrowser on an iOS device. When this happened the InAppBrowser would not actually load. The solution to this is to wrap the call in a setTimeout setTimeout( function() { var […]

Undefined symbols for architecture i386 – Reachability

Today I add the Reachability classes to an app I am working on, added my #import Reachability.h to the correct files and then implemented a method to check if the device was using wifi. When I hit build, I got the following error. Undefined symbols for architecture i386: “_SCNetworkReachabilityCreateWithAddress”, referenced from: +[Reachability reachabilityWithAddress:] in Reachability.o […]

Using Current location in Apple Maps

I was updating one of my iOS apps that used to open up the Maps Application to show directions from the current location to a set of coordinates. Before Apple Maps was introduced we could use “Current Location” as a way for Maps to use the users current location (,-0.247557) this no longer works in […]

Add a custom font to iOS app

I recently needed to add a custom font to my iOS app as the standard ones didn’t work for what I wanted. I downloaded a .ttf file, (I used and copied it into my Xcode project. The next step is to open your project’s Info.plist and add a new key “Fonts provided by application” […]

UILabel blurry on some views

I recently noticed that in one of my apps I’m working on, some of the UILabels I was using were blurry. This was only obvious on non-retina devices. After a bit of research I found that it was down to using floating numbers to define the frame of the label. Basically, floating numbers use decimals […]